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lost guns – may day


monster monday – may day


ed the business warrior – may day

ed - may day

monster comic – basket

monster comic basket


If you don’t know, it’s May Day today! That where you go and give people you like baskets of candy. I’m sure there’s more to the holiday, but that’s my favorite part. Go give someone some candy.

John Quincy Adams’ May Day

may day 2014What? A presidents comic on a non-Friday?  This week is all messed up!  I know, I know.  I hope everyone can live with the switch ups this week.  I love making comics but sometimes my life gets in the way and life has been busy lately.  I’m working a lot more than I have been in years and Allison has been home more lately than normal.  Life will never be normal, but I hope to get back to drawing on a regular schedule soon.  Don’t worry tomorrow there will be a comic and it should be fun.  No it will be fun.



May Day 2013

may day 2013