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ED eight from the Zuda Series

computer punch

Here it is the last official comic I submitted to Zuda before they ended there submission policies.  I drew two promos to go with this series, the first second promo I put up at the start of the series.  The first promo I haven’t put up yet, but I will soon as sunday special sauce.  I’ll probably put it up next.  Then there was also a second motivational poster which was suppose to be the lead in to the new comics I would have drawn for Zuda if I had one my competition.  I’ve change the story a bit since I drew the motivational poster.  It can still work, it just feature a character I made more of a middle man instead of the main character in the story, but the story is still being written.  I think it’ll take a several months to fully tell since I have a lot of middle stuff in there too.  Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginnings of Ed the Business Warrior.  This is only the beginning.

~ Michael