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lost guns v2 – no shave november

lost guns shots v2 no shave november 2014


Oh, no shave november. I don’t know how long you’ve been around, but you’re not as cool as movember. If you’re wondering where I fall on this November long shaving, it’s with Movember.  I think growing a mustache for prostate cancer awareness is way better than just doing a month of no shaving for just cancer in general.  Sure they’re both good causes, but I support the mustache, even if I don’t rock one. I look bad in just a mustache.


monster comic – movember

monster comic - movember


lost guns v2 – novembers over

lost guns v2 - goodbye november


mustache power 12 – cake day

mustache power 012


mustache power 11 – archer

mustache power 11


Albert Einstein

albert einstein


mustache power 20 – abusrdity day

mustache power 010 - absurdity day


mustache power 9 – have a bad day day

mustache power 09 - bad day


mustache power 8 – occult day

mustache power 08 - occult


Mustache Power 6 – Sadie Hawkins Dances

mustache power 06 - sadie hawkins


Mustache Power 5 – the Moon

mustache power 05 - moon


mustache power #4 – dunce day

mustache power 4 - dunce day


John Coltrane

john coltrane


Mustache Power 2 – King Tut Day

mustache power 02

Mustache Power 03 – Sandwich Day

mustache power 3



Wait, it’s Mustache Power number three?  what happened to number two?  Oh it’s coming.  I drew these comics out of order so number two comes out tomorrow!  Check back, it’s a good one.

Mustache Power 1 – Cavemen

mustache power 01



In honor of Movember we’ll be looking at the history of the mustache!


Ed meets the Red Planet Day

Movember meets National Cake Day


It’s National Cake Day! I hope everyone is celebrating with their favorite cakes.  I’m a simple man when it comes to cake.  I just want a yellow cake mix from Betty Crocker or Pillsbury with some home made frosting. The kind my Mom makes that might put you into a coma if you have to much.  I think that’s how I’ll celebrate this awesome day. What are some of your favorite cakes?


Movember Monday # 3 Tom Selleck


Movember Monday 2 – Ron Swanson


i have the power to vote


Movember Monday 1