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lost guns v2 #521 – albums

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monster monday -top five


monster mondays – kazoo


lost guns v2 #352 – music



lost guns v2 – fall 2016



ed the business warrior – vinyl record day

27 ed - vinyl record day


lost guns v2 #117 – excellent day

lost guns v2 117


I really like Adam WarRock. He’s one of my favorite rappers.  He just dropped a new album and it’s really fun.  I know not everyone is into comics as much as I am, but Adam’s new album is awesome.  I think he deserves his dues.  I don’t know him and I hope he would like this comic.  If not that’s horrible.  I don’t know if he’s violent, but I could see him smacking some one down with batman sound FX.  Plus it’s funny.


lost guns v2 #71 – symphony

lost guns v2 071


W.C. Handy – Father of the Blues

97 w c handy

lost guns v2 #19 – it’s coming down

trip 1 page 16 – tunes

lost guns v2 #12 – two passions

ed the business warrior thirty-three

How many times have I totally done this to someone.  I’ll be like what, I can’t hear you.  People hate that.  I use to walk around campus with head phones in my ears just so people wouldn’t talk to me.  I wouldn’t even have music playing.  What do you do to ignore people?  Ed and Rabbit would love to know.

~ Michael