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monster monday – new year’s day


Happy New Years everyone! Can I say I’m happy 2017 is over and I’m ready for 2018 to start. It was a long year which I’m scared this year will be another long year. One thing we can all have hope in is that monsters are still here. I’m hoping that they stay around for a long time. Also on that note, as some of you know I’ve had my second child last year. With him being here it’s making my life a lot more busy. Comics might be a little less frequent, but I doubt anyone will really notice since not many people are viewing my comics right now. I hope to keep at least two comics up a week if not three or four. Keep coming back and tell your friends to view these comics too. The more views I get the more I’ll want to make comic and not sleep. Well here’s to a new year. I hope we all have great fortunes.


lost guns – looking back


ed the business warrior – new years 2016

ed new years 2016


You never know when ED is going to pop up! I love this guy. He’s the original character I launched this comic blog with. I’ve been drawing him longer than I’ve been drawing my lost guns, volume one or two. I’m not sure what the new year has in store for ED, but I hope he makes a return. I know I could use some more of him. I love this guy. What do you think of ED?


lost guns v2 – new years eve

lost guns v2 new years eve 2015

monster monday – new years

monster comic - new year


Those monsters have always got some good ideas. Maybe that should be my new year resolution too. What’s going to be your new year resolution?


lost guns v2 – new year’s eve 2013

lost guns v2 - new years eve 2013


lost new years # 2

lost new year 002

New Years Eve Party

So I couldn’t decide to post this today or tomorrow on New Years day.  I decide since it was a party comic it should be on New Years Eve.  I mean who doesn’t want to party with ED on New Years Eve.  I know I do.  i also have a new resolution for this up coming year.  I’m returning to Lost Guns.  Lost Guns Vol 2 will be on the site soon.  I haven’t decide which day it’ll be on or when to start it, but I have a goal to draw on Lost Gun a week.  If you don’t know what a Lost Gun is that’s okay.  It’ll be awesome.  They use to be posted to my Myspace page, but I closed that account.  You can still find them on my Flickr account though.  What’s all of your New Year goals?

~ Michael

New Years Resolution

2011 new years resolution


For New Years, I decide to draw a resolution comic.  Sorry it’s not an ED comic and you can catch this comic on a few different sites that I’ve posted it to, but I wanted to put it on my official webcomic page.  I hope you enjoy it.

~ Michael