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monster comic – bathtub party

monster comic - bathtub party


mustache power 8 – occult day

mustache power 08 - occult


Guy Fawkes Day

guy fawkes day


Hermit Day

hermit day


National Nut Day

national nut day


lost guns v2 – world egg day

lost guns v2 - world egg day


lost guns v2 – bald and free day

lost guns v2 - bald and free

lost guns v2 – ask a questions day

lost guns v2 - ask a question day


What is James talking about?  Check out his other comic here.

lost guns v2 – National Comic Book Day Special 2013

lost guns national comic day 2013


I do love comics.  I read way to many every months.  I have some more recommendations if you check out last years comic.  Those comics all still hold up.  I’m reading all of them except Mudman.  The only reason I’m not reading Mudman is because it’s not being written right now.  If it was I would be totally on that comic.  What are some of your comics you are reading?  Find any new over the past year that other people need to read?  I know there is always a ton of good stuff out there.


Video Game Day say Hello to National Chocolate Milkshake Day