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lost guns v 1.5 (forgotten) – the interview?


I love going to job interviews and being told that I don’t have one or that the company isn’t hiring. While living in Bloomington I went on a few different interviews like this. They were surprised that I was there even though they set up an interview. Plus why would they have an ad out if they weren’t hiring people. That period was a long period of unemployment for me.


National Bookmobile Day

lost guns v2 #119 – what i wanted to be at eighteen

lost guns v2 119 preg 01


Today starts a new story direction for lost guns.  It’s still about my life, but Allison will be featured much more in this upcoming story.  It’s already thirty-two pages long.  That’s 32 pages finished.  I’ve been working on it for a long time and if you know about my life most of it won’t be a surprise, but it’ll be fun.


ed and fog color

Check out the story behind this comic. After I drew this draft comic I decide to actually decide to build a whole comic story behind it in the actually comic. It was way back a year ago when it all went down. Go check it out at It’s a fun little story, plus this is back when ED was still working for the company. I hope you enjoy the past.