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ed the business warrior – vinyl record day

27 ed - vinyl record day


Hermit Day

hermit day


Record Store Day

record store day 20013

Record Store Day 2012

Oh my goodness it’s been another year since Record Store Day!  You know what that means, it’s time to dust off your record players and go out and buy some awesome records.  Grover Cleveland knows what’s going on.  Plus with a stash like that how can you not follow him.  He’s a mighty awesome president.  I hope to see you at the record stores.  If you have questions about it check out Record Store Day site.

lost guns v2 #12 – two passions

Record Store Day

It’s Record Store Day!  This is an international national almost holiday event.  Yes today is the day you are to go to your locally owned record store and check out all the cool records they have.  An added bonus is the fact that they will have special records only available at record stores, you can’t buy these records online or at a chain store.  You might be able to buy them online later, but really can you pass up a chance just to go to a cool record store?  It’s going to be awesome.  Go check out to find your store.

~ Michael