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lost guns v2 #409 – naturally red


monster wednesday – babbling

monster comic - babbling


monster wednesday – salad

monster comic - salad


Sushi Monster

sushi monsters

lost guns v2 – cold out side

lost guns v2 - snowed in


We’ve been snowed in for a few days now.  The county has issued a warning on travel, which is the highest level for roads here.  That means no cars on the road unless you are an emergency vehicle.  The jetta is no emergency vehicle.  To top off all the snow we are also freezing.  The high on monday was -10 with a low of -40.  If you’re outside the this cold bitter storm region you are lucky.  If you’re in here with me and Allison, try staying warm.

lost guns thanksgiving special 2013

lost guns v2 - thanksgiving 2013


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you’re having a good one.  I’m trying to sleep through mine.  I’ve got work tonight.  Thank goodness for retail.  What would we do without stores opening early on thanksgiving day for black friday sales?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.