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adventures in ink 6-39 – peeing two

adventures in ink 3-38 – rest stops

A little note about this comic. This happened when Allison was pregnant with out first baby back in 2014.


adventures in ink 6-37 – double bubble

adventures in ink 6-36 – checklist

I think maybe we did own a few to many apple devices, but it was 2014. We didn’t own smart phones and I loved playing games on ipad. Plus all the music and podcasts we needed for a ten day road trip across the country and back took a lot of space. None of these devices had data at the time. Plus I’m cheap and won’t pay for that much data use. So next time you’re driving across the country don’t forget your old school ipod.


adventures in ink 6-34 – the plan


adventures in ink 6-33 – more stress

adventures in ink 3-07 – audiobook

the third trip in the travel comic. after a failed trip to tennessee (our car broke down and the four hours we sat right outside of louisville) we decide to go home and have a stay-cation. so start the third trip in the comic. longer than the first two trips in the comic. let’s get to iowa.

adventures in ink 02-03 road trip necessities

that first adventure i only drew two comics for. welcome to the second adventure in the new series. it’ll be just as much fun and even longer than two strips.


travels in ballpoint – trip 8 page 49 – the lone bird

travels049 color

trip 4 page 27 – teeth