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day trips 19 – the new prep

Are you enjoying lost guns? Do you wish you could read more? Do you wish you could read next weeks strip today? What if I told you can? Would you be there right now? You can! On my patreon feed I am posting next week and more! Make sure you’re going over there and checking out all the other comics there too.

one panel # fifteen

lost guns v2 #497 – spiders

lost guns v2 #478 – clunk (part 1)

after a good few months break of making and posting new lost guns, they’re back! i need a break from writing about my life, it wasn’t doing so great over the winter. mostly because i have a bad outlook during winter. spring is here and i’ve been to the beach on lake michigan once already. so i’m ready for more lost guns.


lost guns v2 #367 – alien snatchers



lost guns v2 #360 – the fear of god



Halloween Time


lost guns v2 #311 – the doctor

lost guns v2 311

That was a rough doctors visit and it was for me not her. Are you going to be in South Bend on 20 August for Art Beat? I’m going to be there. Come check me out.


lost guns v2 #239 – wasabi peas

lost guns v2 239


lost guns v2 #222 – gas explosions

lost guns v2 222


lost guns v2 #214 – problems with pooping

lost guns v2 214 preg 86


lost guns v2 #181 – dentist fear

lost guns v2 181