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lost guns v1.5 (forgotten stories) – shaving

Shaving use to be a big challenge for me. I never knew when I should shave. I thought being unshaven was kind of a good look of me, but at the same time I didn’t want to commit to beard like I have now. Plus at this time I didn’t have a reason to shave. I use to shave to look presentable at work.

lost guns v2 shots 33 – opps


lost guns v2 #417 – shoulder hair


lost guns v2 #333 – grow



lost guns v2 #332 – hair cut and shave


monster comic – sadie hawkins dance

monsters comic - sadie hawkens

It’s Sadie Hawkins day! That means any woman can ask any guy to marry them or to a dance, something like that. Most schools have a dance in honor of Sadie Hawkins. I’m wondering what my wife has planned for this odd day, probably nothing since I haven’t told her about it. At least my beard looks way better than one-eyes mustache.


lost guns v2 – novembers over

lost guns v2 - goodbye november

trip 1 page 15 – don’t shave

sixty-seven – living in paradise

You can’t keep a good ED down.