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lost guns v2 – happy halloween

Check out the whole story for how this happened in Lost Guns v2  471, 472, & 473.

lost gun v2 #473 – next halloween part 3

since drawing this comic i have received another spider-man hoodie for christmas. yes i have iron spider-man from avengers infinity war now too! that’s a total of five different costume shirts or hoodies i own for just spider-man. is it enough? probably not.


lost guns v2 #472 – next halloween part 2


lost guns v2 #471 – halloween


mondays or fridays


lost guns – embrace your geekness


lost guns v2 special – National Comic Book Day 2014

lost guns v2 special - National Comic Book Day 2014

lost guns v2 #130 – the cake!

lost guns v2 130 preg 12 DSCN8606


That was an amazing cake! Allison makes the best cakes for my birthdays. She made this cake on the Sunday before my birthday because I had to work on my birthday and we were going to a baseball game that night.  So no time to make and eat a cake on my birthday. She’s the best.

Librarian Day 2014!

librarian day 2014

I love librarians!  Well, I love one librarian and like the rest.  Libraries and librarians have always been important part of my life.  My wife is a children’s librarian.  Plus I’ve always hung out at libraries growing.  So they’ve always been fun for me.

I actually like old school librarians.  They did a great job of making a library a place to work and learn.  I really need that in high school and college.  I think we’ll always need them in certain types of libraries.  New school librarians are fun too.  They let kids learn to love the library like I did.


lost christmas #7

lost christmas 007


lost christmas # 3

lost christmas 003

i could do that


business spidy!


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