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lost guns v2 shots #34 – f-u

monster mondays – in the stars

Monsters they are the best or the worst. I can never really tell anymore. I hope you’re all enjoying the many comics I post on this page, there’s good news I’ve started a patreon page. I am posting more comics there for people to view. Plus you can finally support me as a creator. There’s two tiers right now a $1 tip jar and a $3 extra comics tier. I will be giving exclusive new comics to both tiers, but the $3 tier will have more content. Go check it out, I already have two comics up, one for free and one for all tiers. Thanks, Michael.


lost guns – embrace your geekness


evil people


lost guns #372 – accidental star trek



lost guns shots #14 – troi

lost guns v2 shots 014


lost guns v2 special – constitution day

lost guns v2 special - constitution day 2014

lost guns v2 #110 – c2e2

lost guns v2 110Friday and a lost?  Well you know this week is a messed up week.  Yesterday we had a president explain a holiday to us and today we talk about what happened last weekend.  C2E2 was awesome.  Met some cool people.  Went to a good panel about making comics.  Got really excited.  I had a great weekend.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.



lost guns v2 #102 – sleepy time

lost guns v2 102


lost guns v2 #101 – star trek on star trek

lost guns v2 101


lost guns v2 #100 – eye candy

lost guns v2 100


lost guns v2 #98 – star trek

lost guns v2 098

lost guns v2 – the new year 2014

lost guns v2 - new years 2013

Another new year is upon us.  As we head into the fourth year that mini dove comics has been around changes are coming.  I’m planning a new series that won’t be on this site.  It will be on it’s own webcomic site for updates on the new comic check out the facebook page.  I’ll be posting on the facebook page regularly.  That brings us back to mini dove comics official site, this site will continue to post new comics.  They will be going back to slower schedule.  I will be trying to post two to three  times a week.  I like holidays a lot, there will be weeks that have more than three.  Keep checking and subscribing to mini dove comics there always something new to see.  Plus I will continue to repost all my comics on tumblr with special extras.  If you haven’t been there to check them out yet, you might want too.  I don’t do new comics there as so much as pictures of different things.  A lots going on in 2014.  I hope you don’t miss any of it.

Michael McLean


lost guns v2 – Merry Christmas 2013

lost guns v2 - christmas 2013 part 3


lost guns v2 – Columbus Day

lost guns v2 - columbus day 2013

lost guns v2 Columbus Con Special

lost guns columbus con special


This past weekend Allison and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio for the Wizard Comic Con.  It was awesome.  I went to some fun panels and met some great indy artist and even some famous artist!  Plus the cos-players were awesome.  Had a ton of fun.  Passed out quite a few of my new micro-comic featuring John Quincy Adams which was great too.  Comics are the best and being around other people who love comics as much as me rocks too.


Miniature Golf Day

mini golf day 2013


National Cream Filled Donut Day

national cream filled donut day


lost guns v2 #74 – star wars or star trek

lost guns v2 074


National Nurses Day

national nurse day


happy halloween

Mae Jemison the astronaut