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adventures in ink 3-11 – the burn


ED and the deep v’s

deep v's


lost guns v2 # 87 – berserker

lost guns v2 087


lost christmas # 1

lost christmas 001

Ed Classic Exit Octopussy 1

exit the octopussy001

Ed Classic Octopussy 4

octopussy 4

Interesting fact about this story, this was the very first strip drawn for it. I drew off this awesome idea of Rabbit fight an octopus. I hadn’t named the octopus or even knew what he was doing. This strip was an introduction to Rabbit. I still love the way it’s drawn. John looks amazing and Rabbit’s blade in the second panel is amazing. I love that it’s covered in octopus guts.  This is beauty at it’s best.

Ed the business warrior twenty-three

Did you know it cost a dollar to ride the bus in Bloomington these days.  That seems really high to me, especially for how far I would take it.  Just going downtown and back would cost more than driving myself.  Seems a little silly if you ask me.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior 12

The mixtape always works.  It doesn’t matter if you use a cd as long as you call it a mixtape.  You have to be careful with a mixtape too.  It can be a dangerously powerful tool, so only use it in the most important situations.

ed the business warrior 11!!!

Ed the business warrior ten