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Movember meets National Cake Day


It’s National Cake Day! I hope everyone is celebrating with their favorite cakes.  I’m a simple man when it comes to cake.  I just want a yellow cake mix from Betty Crocker or Pillsbury with some home made frosting. The kind my Mom makes that might put you into a coma if you have to much.  I think that’s how I’ll celebrate this awesome day. What are some of your favorite cakes?

ED 134 – get the swords

button day with Rabbit

ed 108 – end of chapter two

First I’d like to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday!  Hope you have an awesome one.  Make Dad take you some where nice.  Second I have bad news about ED.  I’ve been a little lazy lately.  Work has been slowly killing me and my moral to actually work on ED.  Ed will be taking a little hiatus for at least the next two weeks.  I know, horrible news, but not the end of the world.  On Thursday I’ll be posting a extra Political Comic, so two of those this week.  The next two week I have a longer ED classic story.  It’s nine strips long, so you’ll be getting an extra Wednesday comic!!!  Then chapter three should start.  I’ve started to work on it and it should be as good.



ed 105 – chop, slice, flip

ninety-eight – meanwhile

eighty-three – Taryn wants to Know

sixty-eight – lunch with taryn

sixty-five – is this the twilight

The end of an era.  The end of chapter one.

National Cake Day

Who’s idea was it to have National Cake Day on the day after Thanksgiving?  That’s just crazy.  I love cake, but after eating so much food how can you except to eat cake too?  It’s just to much at times.  Just to much.

~ Michael

forty-one (up in flames)

FORTY!!! (blades are on)

Best or favorite fight scene from a movie or TV show?  Mine is probably not the best, but one of the funnest.  On The Office when Andy finds out Angela is cheating on him with Dwight they get into a dual.  Dwight chose a bike chain to fight Andy.  Andy chose his Pris.  “If he keep it’s under five miles an hour it’s completely silent,” said Oscar.  Watch that episode for the fight if you haven’t seen it.  I know there are tons of cooler fights, but I really like that one and it’s in an office.

~ Michael

take a (long) hike day (off a short pier)!

devil eggs


Yummy!  I love Devil Eggs.  Although if you eat to many they can be bad for you.  So you got to be careful or you’ll end up like ED in an egg coma.  Although an Egg coma might not be that bad.  You get all the free soup you want through a tube.  It would be prefect.  Now if you could only watch Cartoon Network all day too.  Life would be awesome.

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 31

The Belt!  It’s so awesome.  How far would you go for the belt?

~ Michael

National Pizza Month!!!

I love pizza!!!  I don’t love it more than burgers, but pizza is my second favorite food after burgers.  My favorite pizza is supreme, but I’m getting to love pepperoni too.  Pizza is the best.  I could really go for one right now.  What’s your favorite pizza?

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 28

Name That Car Day

What’s your car named?  I named mine the Hornet a long time ago.  Yeah, my little green Acura Integra is called the Hornet.  It’s the best, even if Allison doesn’t believe me when I tell her what my car is named.  It’s the Hornet!

~ Michael

Ed the business warrior 17!

Another Barnes ‘n Nobles day.  The job hunt is still on.  It’s a little late in the day, but still on Thursday.  Don’t forget to check out MaxVsMax too.  I have a guest strip coming up on Sept 3rd.  That’s a week from Friday!  Big time for me, well maybe not a big time, but at least a little exposure.  Which is something I can use.

~ Michael

ED the business warrior sixteen!

Today I’m at the Barnes and Nobles posting this blog.  I’m so using their internet and not buying anything in the cafe.  Teach them to give out free internet.  Hope all is going well.  The job hunt is still going on.

~ Michael

Ed the Business Warrior fifteen

I’m sitting in my sister’s living room getting this comic ready to go out.  Over my trip back to Indiana I learned some big news, I’m going to be a guest artist for the comic strip MaxvsMax.   This is big news, as I’ve never done a guest comic strip before.  I’ve submitted one to Real Life Comics ones, but only got in a gallery, so this is big news for me.  My comic is going to get a ton more exposure than it has ever had before.  On Sept. 3rd make sure to go over to MaxvsMax and check out my awesome comic strip I drew for his comic.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior 12

The mixtape always works.  It doesn’t matter if you use a cd as long as you call it a mixtape.  You have to be careful with a mixtape too.  It can be a dangerously powerful tool, so only use it in the most important situations.

ed the business warrior 11!!!

Ed the business warrior ten