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Elephant Appreciation Day

The return of Holiday comics are among us.  That’s right, I’ve been lazy on making new normal ED comics, but I still love holidays.  It’s the time of the year that we have tons of Holidays.  Some are really odd, like Elephant Appreciation Day, others will be classic Holidays make their second round on Mini Dove Comics.  Stay tuned.  It’s going to be fun.

ed 110 – different line

Ed Classic Enter Octopussy 1

enter octopussy

The basic development of Octopus Johns started here in this comic.  This is where I started to flesh out the idea that he worked for Ted.  This story was also the first time we really get to see Rabbit in action.  It was only a month later that I started to work on the current version of the comic that is published now.  A lot of ideas from this strip was incorporable into the current strip.  Also some ideas were left at the way side, like Ted using lots of robots.  Ted and robots actually date back to 2004, two years before even ED the Business warrior was even thought of.  He was a mystery villain in my superhero comic Fallen Dove Boy.  Yes, Ted is an older character than Ed. It’s hard to give up a cool villain sometimes.  I hope you enjoy the next two weeks of this awesome strip.