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adventures in ink 3-07 – audiobook

the third trip in the travel comic. after a failed trip to tennessee (our car broke down and the four hours we sat right outside of louisville) we decide to go home and have a stay-cation. so start the third trip in the comic. longer than the first two trips in the comic. let’s get to iowa.

Space Day

space day 2013


I don’t know how everyone feels about space, but I love it.  My big dream as a kid was to go exploring space.  Truth be told that is still one of my biggest dreams.  I want to meet aliens and fly away to distant galaxies.  It’ll never happen in my life time, but oh to dream about it.  I wish NASA had more funding so that we could continue to explore the unknown and build rocket ships that can reach other star systems.

travels in ballpoint # 58 and 59 – the end

travels058 color


travels059 color



It’s the end of Travels in Ballpoint.  This comic was fun for me to revisit and color over the past year.  I started drawing this comic in 2007 and finished it up in 2010.  Then in 2012 I started coloring it and decided to bring it to the masses.  I really brought it to the masses because Allison really liked the comic.  I hoped you all enjoyed it too.  I have started working on a second volume, but don’t except to see it for at least another two years, but probably longer.  I never travel anymore.  We’re broke.

On other news I’ve been working on a new series to replace Travels in Ballpoint.  I’ve been working on it for about two months now and I’m not sure about it still.  I’m going to keep working on it for a while and see if it any good.  It’s very different than what I’ve been doing lately which makes me scared to publish it.  Just keep showing up though.  I’ll keep at least three comics a week, even if it means doing double comics of my history or lost gun comics.

see yeah later,