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At the end of my second year at BSU I took a film making class.  For one of the movie we made a film about making a web comic.  It was a how to film.  I was the artist in the film and they filmed me making an ED comic.  Here is the comic that was produced for the film.  This picture or film didn’t get an A+, but who cares?  I still made a web comic for a movie.  That’s pretty awesome.

~ Michael

King of the Sandwiches


Who loves sandwiches?  I know I don’t love them, but lately I’ve been eating a ton of them.  My favorite would be Pb & J.  I’ve been using Peter Pan Peanut Butter lately and it’s the bomb.  If you haven’t tried some Peter Pan PB than you are missing out.  It’s way better than Skippy PB.  So what’s you’re favorite Peanut Butter or sandwich?