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lost guns v2 #161 – baby’s name game

lost guns v2 161 preg 40 b


So I wasn’t sure when this comic was going to drop.  If I had kept to my one a week schedule, this would have dropped probably three months after Stormageddon was born. I’ve upped the comic post to twice a week and some weeks three times so that I don’t have a huge back log of comics after Stormy is born of her not being born. We’re not telling people the names we’ve picked and if you guess I will straight out lie to you. I’ve been lying to my family and friends about names for a few months now. I regret nothing. Mainly because most people are dicks when you tell them names you’re thinking about naming your kid. Thank you people who don’t know how not to be a dick. Yes, that does include my family and friends. If you don’t know who you are, then I’m sorry for you.


lost guns v2 #160 – ultrasound part two

lost guns v2 160 preg 39


lost guns v2 #159 – the ultrasound

lost guns v2 159 preg 38