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lost guns v2 #520 – the mail

Are you enjoying lost guns? Do you wish you could read more? Do you wish you could read next weeks strip today? What if I told you can? Would you be there right now? You can! On my patreon feed I am posting next week and more! Make sure you’re going over there and checking out all the other comics there too.


adventures in ink 4-16 – early and waiting

adventures in ink 4-13 – shake it

trip number 4 in the this travel blog. this trip we drove the two hours south to indianapolis. it was a fun little adventure.


adventures in ink 2-06 – stuck in america


ed the business warrior and another day



lost guns v2 #290 – the waiting game

lost guns v2 290


lost guns shots #17 – things babies dislikes 1

lost guns v2 shots 017


lost guns v2 #206 – playing cards

lost guns v2 206 preg 78


lost guns v2 #201 – the weakend

lost guns v2 201 preg 73


lost guns v2 #176 – bee sting

lost guns v2 176

lost guns v2 #130 – the cake!

lost guns v2 130 preg 12 DSCN8606


That was an amazing cake! Allison makes the best cakes for my birthdays. She made this cake on the Sunday before my birthday because I had to work on my birthday and we were going to a baseball game that night.  So no time to make and eat a cake on my birthday. She’s the best.

lost guns v2 #128 – i couldn’t wait

lost guns v2 128 preg 10So starts the story is about to begin.  Pay attention to the dates because I’m going to be jumping around in time for the next few weeks.




lost guns v2 #123 – not yet, but soon

lost guns v2 123 preg 05


lost guns v2 #115 – bus buddies

lost guns v2 115


lost guns v2 #70 – bus looks

lost guns v2 070



space may 13


lost guns v2 # 43 – the long wait

trip 1 page 11 – lines again

trip 1 page 5 – lines

ed 110 – different line

ed 109 – the return of the king!

Guess who’s back?  That’s right ED is back!  Are you ready for more Hi-jinks?  Are you ready to be moved?  We’ll to bad.  Cause ED is back anyway.  He’s still jobless and money couldn’t be tighter, but he’ll still save your day from boredom.  So tell everyone you know, ED is back.