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one panel # national hamburger day


monster monday – chocolate milkshakes

monster comic - shakes


lost guns v2 – pretzel day

lost guns v2 -  pretzel day


lost guns v2 – National Popcorn Day

lost guns v2 national popcorn day


lost guns v2 #258 – that smell

lost guns v2 258


monster monday – national cream-filled donut day

monster comic - donuts


lost guns v2 – Chocolate Milkshake Day

lost guns v2 chocolate milkshake day 2015


monster monday – tacos

monster comics - tacos


National Donut Day 2015

national donut day 2015


lost guns shots #010 – family candy

lost guns v2 shots 010


National Junk Food Day – monster edition

national junk food day monster 2014 424


mustache power 14 – National Cotton Candy Day

mustache power 14 cotton candy


mustache power 12 – cake day

mustache power 012


lost guns v2 #86 – bitter sweet

lost guns v2 086


Video Game Day say Hello to National Chocolate Milkshake Day



National Creamsicle Day

national creamsicle day

Lazy S’Mores

lazy smoresHey it’s Lazy Day and National S’Mores Day.  I’m looking forward to be being lazy and feasting on s’mores.  Could life get any better?



lost guns v2 #78 – need more donuts

lost guns v2 078


National Mustard Day

national mustard day

National Hot Dog Day

national hot dog day 2013

We all know I love hot dogs.  Eating them and making them.  My favorite is probably the modified chicago dog I make at home.  I use  banana peppers instead of regular peppers.  A little sweeter and less spicy.  What are some of your favorite types of hot dogs?


National Junk Food Day

national junk food day


lost guns v2 # 54 – movie popcorn

lost guns v2 054

Movember meets National Cake Day


It’s National Cake Day! I hope everyone is celebrating with their favorite cakes.  I’m a simple man when it comes to cake.  I just want a yellow cake mix from Betty Crocker or Pillsbury with some home made frosting. The kind my Mom makes that might put you into a coma if you have to much.  I think that’s how I’ll celebrate this awesome day. What are some of your favorite cakes?

ed loves sandwich day

Hey it’s Sandwich Day!  What’s your favorite sandwich?  Do you like to make them at home or do you prefer to get one from the deli?  I’m one for someone else making my sandwiches.  My favorite sandwich places is Dagwoods in Bloomington, Indiana.  They make a good sandwich.  If you ever make it to Bloomington head downtown to Indiana Ave and get yourself one of their sandwiches.