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Travels in Ballpoint and Adventure in Ink

The index to my Travels in Ballpoint comic.  Each trip tell where I went and I how I got there.  Sometimes it even says who I was with.  I hope the index help explains a little bit about my trips.

Guess what? Volume two of Travels of Ballpoint is here. Why a second volume, because it’s the second sketch book I’ve (almost) filled with my travels. It’s exciting, I know. Adventures is Ink is here and it’s going to just as fun as the first volume except this time I’m married. I even have a kid before I finished my book. The main problem I have finishing this comic is time. I always forget to draw while I’m on my adventures. I hope you enjoy the new comics.

One response

  1. Geographic Designer

    Great idea!

    April 16, 2012 at 7:59 am

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