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ed 113 – straight up apple juice

I would like to start with the good news!  Not DJ Goodnewz, but it’s my sister’s Birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Suzanne!!!  You’re an awesome sister.  Now that the happy news is over, it’s time to inform you of the sad news.  Ed is going to be going to once a week for awhile.  When I took the break I thought I’d would be able to revitalize myself enough to keep doing ED twice a week, it wasn’t.  I still have things I want to do with ED, but because of things going on in my life I will not be able to keep doing two a week.  Ed will continue to come out every Tuesday.  I will also have my Political comics coming out every Friday.  You still get two new comics a week, so that’s not bad.  I hope everyone has fun.

~ Michael





Invincible ED


Grover Cleveland – Raise the Roof

ed 112 – we’re closed!

ed 111 – poor lettuce sorting skills

ed the business warrior meets the immortal weapon


Chester A. Arther

ed 110 – different line

ed 109 – the return of the king!

Guess who’s back?  That’s right ED is back!  Are you ready for more Hi-jinks?  Are you ready to be moved?  We’ll to bad.  Cause ED is back anyway.  He’s still jobless and money couldn’t be tighter, but he’ll still save your day from boredom.  So tell everyone you know, ED is back.


Ed Classic Exit Octopussy 2 & 3

exit the octopussy 002

exit the octopussy 3

Ed Classic Exit Octopussy 1

exit the octopussy001

James Garfield

Ed Classic Octopussy 5


So that’s the end of the Octopussy story line, but I forgot I had two more wrap up comics to go with it. Sunday and Monday we’ll have two more extra awesome comics. I hope you enjoy them.

Ed Classic Octopussy 4

octopussy 4

Interesting fact about this story, this was the very first strip drawn for it. I drew off this awesome idea of Rabbit fight an octopus. I hadn’t named the octopus or even knew what he was doing. This strip was an introduction to Rabbit. I still love the way it’s drawn. John looks amazing and Rabbit’s blade in the second panel is amazing. I love that it’s covered in octopus guts.  This is beauty at it’s best.

Ed Classic Octopussy 3

octopussy 3

Ed and Dwight 4

ed vs dwight 4

Rutherford B Hayes

Ed Classic Octopussy 2

octopussy 2

Ed Classic Octopussy 1

octopussy 1

Ed Classic Enter Octopussy 1

enter octopussy

The basic development of Octopus Johns started here in this comic.  This is where I started to flesh out the idea that he worked for Ted.  This story was also the first time we really get to see Rabbit in action.  It was only a month later that I started to work on the current version of the comic that is published now.  A lot of ideas from this strip was incorporable into the current strip.  Also some ideas were left at the way side, like Ted using lots of robots.  Ted and robots actually date back to 2004, two years before even ED the Business warrior was even thought of.  He was a mystery villain in my superhero comic Fallen Dove Boy.  Yes, Ted is an older character than Ed. It’s hard to give up a cool villain sometimes.  I hope you enjoy the next two weeks of this awesome strip.