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ED the new comic 1

three little stories start

The wait is over!  That’s right the new ED webcomic is up.  As I sit here listening to The Gaslight Anthem on my record player all I can think is YES!  I’ve done it.  I’ve got an awesome comic up and ready to go.  This first comic is a preview of what I’ll be dealing with for the next couple of months maybe longer.  You’ve got a Mandy story.  You’ve got a Octopus Johns and Ted story, and of course they are all part of Ed’s story.  So a little heads up Ted and Octopus Johns are the “Bad Guys.”  I won’t classify them as villains because they really aren’t evil, they just don’t fall in line with what Ed and his company wants.  So stay tune for the big things and don’t forget this weeks special event for the Fourth of July.  That’s special comics on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with regular comics endcaping them.

~ Michael

special sauce sunday paper clips

the second comic

Back to the original Ed comics, this is the second comic ever drawn.  His head is still more oval than round.  The best part is that he’s in action.  I don’t so a lot of action comics, but this one is so awesome.  He’s protecting paper clips.  I’ve made Ed be everything from IT to an office supply watcher to a mail clerk.  He’s a very good at his jobs.  Up coming this week is a big week.  The Fourth of July is next Sunday!  I can’t believe it’s already July almost.  With the Four of July I’m doing a special comic event with this comic.  Tuesday and Thursday we’ll see the regular comics and then on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I’m doing a series of ED the Business Warrior Four of July comics.  They are going to be all new!  So look forward to a six day four day event with regular comics as end caps for them.  I put a lot of work into them and I hope you all love them.

~ Michael

leon day

Oh my goodness it’s Leon Day!  You have only six months till Christmas.  What do you plan to spend this awesome strange holiday.  I have no clue how I’m going to spend it.  Maybe I’ll drink some egg nog, but that would be silly since I don’t like egg nog.  Maybe I’ll put up my tree, but it’s to early for that.  What do you think people should do for this holiday?  I hope you liked your extra comic this week.  It was pretty awesome to make.

~ Michael