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ED the new comic 1

three little stories start

The wait is over!  That’s right the new ED webcomic is up.  As I sit here listening to The Gaslight Anthem on my record player all I can think is YES!  I’ve done it.  I’ve got an awesome comic up and ready to go.  This first comic is a preview of what I’ll be dealing with for the next couple of months maybe longer.  You’ve got a Mandy story.  You’ve got a Octopus Johns and Ted story, and of course they are all part of Ed’s story.  So a little heads up Ted and Octopus Johns are the “Bad Guys.”  I won’t classify them as villains because they really aren’t evil, they just don’t fall in line with what Ed and his company wants.  So stay tune for the big things and don’t forget this weeks special event for the Fourth of July.  That’s special comics on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with regular comics endcaping them.

~ Michael

special sauce sunday paper clips

the second comic

Back to the original Ed comics, this is the second comic ever drawn.  His head is still more oval than round.  The best part is that he’s in action.  I don’t so a lot of action comics, but this one is so awesome.  He’s protecting paper clips.  I’ve made Ed be everything from IT to an office supply watcher to a mail clerk.  He’s a very good at his jobs.  Up coming this week is a big week.  The Fourth of July is next Sunday!  I can’t believe it’s already July almost.  With the Four of July I’m doing a special comic event with this comic.  Tuesday and Thursday we’ll see the regular comics and then on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I’m doing a series of ED the Business Warrior Four of July comics.  They are going to be all new!  So look forward to a six day four day event with regular comics as end caps for them.  I put a lot of work into them and I hope you all love them.

~ Michael

leon day

Oh my goodness it’s Leon Day!  You have only six months till Christmas.  What do you plan to spend this awesome strange holiday.  I have no clue how I’m going to spend it.  Maybe I’ll drink some egg nog, but that would be silly since I don’t like egg nog.  Maybe I’ll put up my tree, but it’s to early for that.  What do you think people should do for this holiday?  I hope you liked your extra comic this week.  It was pretty awesome to make.

~ Michael

exodus 21:24

This motivational poster was to be the kick off of Zuda comic series if I actually won the contest which I really didn’t think I had much chance for since my comic is more about office insanity than superheroes fighting each other.  The story that follows this new comic is a little different than what I originally was planning for, but I think it’s amazing still.  Stay tune for next week as we start the new comic, but before we do that tomorrow we have a special comic!  That’s right I’m breaking the three a week schedule to bring a special comic tomorrow.  I hope you’re all ready for it.  I know I am.

~ Michael

this time it’s not personal

the first promo

You’ve seen all the Zuda comics I submitted.  Here is the first promo piece I developed for the comic if it did make it to the contest that they no longer have.  The good news is that we’re gearing up for the a new original story for ED.  One that no one other than my sweet wife has ever seen.  That is coming very soon.  Not to worry though.  We have a new comic on Thursday which was going to be the lead in to the Zuda comic if I won and then a special comic on Friday too!!!  So stick around for some amazing things.  I’m all excited about it.  I’m like a school girl on the first day of school.  Oh my checks are red!

~ Michael

special Father’s Day sauce

This comic goes out to only one man.  That man is my Father.  I wanted to wish my father a Happy Father’s day this year.  Sure I sent a card and I’m totally going to call you to Dad, but enjoy the comic cause you’re all grown up now with kids who have kids.  I love you Dad and we miss you up here in Idaho.  I hope all Fathers have a great day today.

~ Michael

ED eight from the Zuda Series

computer punch

Here it is the last official comic I submitted to Zuda before they ended there submission policies.  I drew two promos to go with this series, the first second promo I put up at the start of the series.  The first promo I haven’t put up yet, but I will soon as sunday special sauce.  I’ll probably put it up next.  Then there was also a second motivational poster which was suppose to be the lead in to the new comics I would have drawn for Zuda if I had one my competition.  I’ve change the story a bit since I drew the motivational poster.  It can still work, it just feature a character I made more of a middle man instead of the main character in the story, but the story is still being written.  I think it’ll take a several months to fully tell since I have a lot of middle stuff in there too.  Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginnings of Ed the Business Warrior.  This is only the beginning.

~ Michael

ED seven from the Zuda series

the bathroom

We’re almost done with the original eight comics that inspired this webcomic.  I can’t believe it number seven from the zuda series.  This one was kind of an odd comic.  I wanted to do something different than I had been doing so I threw in a whole different drawing still.  One were the boxes showed the whole room, but each panel was a little further forward in time.  I really like how the comic came together, plus it’s about bathrooms.  I love bathrooms.  If I can find a good bathroom I’m in heaven.  When I went to school at Boise State I knew where my favorite bathrooms were and the ones I hated.  It weird to think some bathrooms are good and other were crappy.  I loved the bathrooms in the Administration Building.  Those were probably my favorite.


special sauce 3

This is the first ever Ed comic! I know he looks so different than he does now. His head isn’t as round as it is now. Plus this comic was drawn on lined paper, so I had to take the lines out. Then I added greys instead of colors. At the time I still felt my colors were horrible and that I should just draw in black and white with some grey to off set it. It wasn’t till last year that I even felt like I could even try colors. I’m still not great with colors, but I think my comic looks pretty cool with it, but that’s just my opinion.

number six from zuda

I have no clue what kind of food I would be.  I think I would have to be a hamburger, just because I love to eat them so much, but I’d probably be more of a sour apple candy.  I have a very sour attitude at times so that probably fits me best.  Although I don’t really like eating sour things very much.  I rather be savory or sweet.  Maybe I could be sweet and sour chicken.  That would be very tasty.  If you were a food what kind would you be?

party time

a new use

Rabbit know how to throw a party when he needs too.  What a great start to this week we have.  It’s Tuesday and you already have an awesome ED the business warrior comic to read.  If you like the comic tell your friends to check it out too.  I’m looking for new readers everyday, so spread the joy of ED, I know other people will like just as much as you.  Thanks.

~ Michael

special sauce three

It’s another Sunday Special Sauce.  It’s crazy to think that another week is about to begin.  These days the weeks are just flying by.  Ed understands that so much, that why he need to go shopping.  This is a very old sketch I did of Ed.  It might predate any real comics I drew of him.  I hope you enjoy it.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior 4

ED the business warrior 4

bad breath?

The fourth ED Zuda comic is here!  I can’t believe people could hate ED for his bad breath either.  It’s just something that happens, you can’t control it with brushing and gum or anything, oh wait yes you can.  It’s June already!  It’s crazy to think that it’s June third.  It seems like 2010 just started and we are almost half way through.  Crazy.  Just Crazy.


donut day

1 june 2010

get yourself some donuts

Well another wonderful holiday has interrupted the Zuda schedule for the ED comic.  If you know me, you know I couldn’t ignore probably one of the coolest holidays ever.  It’s Donut Day today!  I love a good donut.  Not a crappy one from a grocery store, but one from a real donut shop.  A locally owned one is better than a chain too.  Myself, I like the cake donuts.  I like yeast donuts too, but I love a heavy cake donut over a light fluffy yeast donut.  I encourge everyone to go out and get a donut today to help me celebrate this glories holiday.  That means you!

~ Michael