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Niels Bohr

122 niels bohr


lost guns v2 #99 – the beard

lost guns v2 099


ed the business warrior vs the cold

ed and the cold


Warren G Harding in the house

121 warren g harding


lost guns v2 #98 – star trek

lost guns v2 098


ED the business warrior – last weekend

ed's last weekend


Small Government Jefferson

120 jeffereson


lost guns v2 #97 – jail time

lost guns v2 097

lost guns v2 – guest strip!



Today’s comic is by Captain Johnny Sausage.  Check out his fun comic at tumblr or his comic group site.  He does some good comics.  I hope you enjoyed the comic and start reading his works too.


Edwin Hubble

119 edwin hubble


lost guns v2 # 96 – boss?

lost guns v2 096

lost guns v2 – cold out side

lost guns v2 - snowed in


We’ve been snowed in for a few days now.  The county has issued a warning on travel, which is the highest level for roads here.  That means no cars on the road unless you are an emergency vehicle.  The jetta is no emergency vehicle.  To top off all the snow we are also freezing.  The high on monday was -10 with a low of -40.  If you’re outside the this cold bitter storm region you are lucky.  If you’re in here with me and Allison, try staying warm.


Mary Bliss Parsons

118 mary bliss parsons

lost guns v2 #95 – cereal

lost guns v2 095


I’ve been informed that I might have remembered this slogan wrong.  It wasn’t kix but life cereal.  That’s what you get for trying to remember a super old commercial and liking a totally awesomer cereal, that’s my fault.

lost guns v2 – the new year 2014

lost guns v2 - new years 2013

Another new year is upon us.  As we head into the fourth year that mini dove comics has been around changes are coming.  I’m planning a new series that won’t be on this site.  It will be on it’s own webcomic site for updates on the new comic check out the facebook page.  I’ll be posting on the facebook page regularly.  That brings us back to mini dove comics official site, this site will continue to post new comics.  They will be going back to slower schedule.  I will be trying to post two to three  times a week.  I like holidays a lot, there will be weeks that have more than three.  Keep checking and subscribing to mini dove comics there always something new to see.  Plus I will continue to repost all my comics on tumblr with special extras.  If you haven’t been there to check them out yet, you might want too.  I don’t do new comics there as so much as pictures of different things.  A lots going on in 2014.  I hope you don’t miss any of it.

Michael McLean