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adventures in ink 8-68 – distance


lost guns v1.5 (forgotten stories) – shaving

Shaving use to be a big challenge for me. I never knew when I should shave. I thought being unshaven was kind of a good look of me, but at the same time I didn’t want to commit to beard like I have now. Plus at this time I didn’t have a reason to shave. I use to shave to look presentable at work.

lost guns v1.5 (forgotten stories) – tattoo


The other day I was going through old sketch books trying to organize them and separate all the journal comics I’ve drawn. While going through them I discovered in one of my ed the business warrior sketch books a few short journal comics I wrote. I was looking at them and realized that they were drawn before I started lost guns volume 2 and after I stop lost guns volume 1. It was a weird period in my life when I was pretty much working working exclusively on fictional characters and not documenting my own life. For the first time here, I present the forgotten tales of 2010. I was living in Indiana and married almost a year. A little peak into my early married years without kids.

Michael McLean