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ED the business warrior – life

ed and business

Had a long weekend going C2E2, then slept all day Monday after work.  Tuesday came around and I just didn’t have anything ready to go.  I’ve been living comic to comic lately and that’s a hard way to live.  ED got push back to Wednesday, but he’s here and ready to die for business.



World Penguin Day

world penguin day 2014


lost guns v2 #109 – need a ride

lost guns v2 109


ED the business warrior and Earth Day

ed and earth day

Celebrate Teen Literature Day

teen literature day 2014 327


Teen Literature is a lot of fun!  What are some of your favorite teen books?  Some of mine are Winger, The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

Librarian Day 2014!

librarian day 2014

I love librarians!  Well, I love one librarian and like the rest.  Libraries and librarians have always been important part of my life.  My wife is a children’s librarian.  Plus I’ve always hung out at libraries growing.  So they’ve always been fun for me.

I actually like old school librarians.  They did a great job of making a library a place to work and learn.  I really need that in high school and college.  I think we’ll always need them in certain types of libraries.  New school librarians are fun too.  They let kids learn to love the library like I did.


Ed the business warrior and taxes

ed and taxes


ed the business warrior and the submarine

ed and subs


lost guns v2 #108 – galaxy

lost guns v2 108


Winston Churchill Cherihew

130 churchill clerihew


ED the business warrior and birthday cake

ed and birthdays


Paul Ehrlich clerihew

129 paul ehrlich - clerihew


lost guns v2 #107 – good day

lost guns v2 107


Ed the business warrior and April

ed april fools